Why Committed Employees Are Harder and Harder to Find. Have You Heard About the Hawkins Map of Consciousness and the Schumann Resonance?


'Abandon all preconceptions, mental blocks and HR clich├ęs ye who enter here'.
Prepare for the unexpected. This is not going to be your usual management tips article filled with dos and don’s and new and revolutionary ideas to find and train employees. This is going to be different - psychology, science and a bit of thinking outside the box…
First, the science…
I’m not going to make this complicated, just simple facts…
Have you heard about the Hawkins Map of Consciousness? It was developed by Dr. David R. Hawkins after years of studies. He has reached the conclusion that all people on Earth function at a specific level of vibration. The levels range from 20 - the level of Shame which is very close to death due to the very low level of energy and 1000 - the level of illumination. The personal level can change during someone’s lifetime if they manage to heal their traumas and move on to courage, acceptance, love and so on. Unfortunately about 80% of people on Earth still vibrate below 200 which means they are in the range of negative, energy-consuming  feelings. The good news is that past 10-15 years have shown a growth in overall level which means that people have started to evolve. The lower the personal vibration, the higher the poverty scale, the lower the personal happiness rate, the lower the faith that you can change your own life through your own forces  and the lower the ability to attract what you want in your life.
What about Schumann Resonances? I will use the plural because there is a central (let’s call it constant) resonance of about 7.8 Hz and  daily peaks that go up to 50 Hz. I will not give you the science behind this term, but all you need to understand is that the Schumann Resonance is Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm. What is she talking about you may ask and how does that affect my employees? Well, the human brainwaves range between 0 to 50 Hz similar to the Schumann Resonances. This means we are connected to Earth and peaks in Schumann Resonances force us to evolve and influence our brain activity whether we like it or not. Past years’ measurements have shown that peaks appear more and more frequent, several times during a day, which means that the Earth forces us daily to improve our brain activity. This means that after a while the percentage we use of our brain is constantly increasing. And the more we use our brains, the more we can do and the more abilities we activate in ourselves.
Does all this make sense so far?
Now, let me tell you a bit about James Redfield and his book series “The Prophecies of Celestine”. I’m not really sure how much he is known in the HR field. In his books J.Redfield identifies 4 types of people stealing your energy: the INTIMIDATOR - the person stealing your energy by shouting at you, by bossing you around, by mobbing you; the INTERROGATOR - the person stealing your energy by asking thousands of questions to use the answers later against you, the person constantly criticizing your every move; the DISTANT - the mysterious type you have to ask several questions and chase around to get one short answer, the person not offering you the information you need, the person you constantly have to chase to get some information from and the VICTIM - the person constantly blaming those around for their lack of success ( I mean the victim's lack of success), the person making you feel guilty for their failure. 
Bear with me, it will all make sense…
Now, coming back to the Map of Consciousness, feelings like shame, guilt, fear, pride, fury, desire (I mean obsession to get something) that are on the lower level of the map are feelings that drain your energy and feelings that are on the higher levels like courage, acceptance, kindness, reason, love, happiness, peace are feelings that fill you with energy, that give you power.
Now, let’s be honest here and let’s admit in how many companies and workplaces employees feel loved, accepted, supported. I mean for real, not stupid and flashy mottos and values that a lot of companies print on the brochures and websites. I have personally worked in 6 companies, including local and multinational, big and small. I also know a lot of HR people and I have family and friends. The status: local, small family businesses are more likely to support people and make them feel accepted and loved. Corporations - good joke! Sorry if you don’t agree. You may be one of the lucky ones. And it’s not the fault of HR. HR people struggle to make people feel like they matter. Unfortunately most of the times, the tools they have are not enough, their budget far too low and their ability to make important decisions very low.
So, the conclusion here…most employees experience in their work environments feelings of anger, guilt, fear, feelings that drain their energy and turn them into one of the four energy ‘predators’ above. There are clean ways to charge your energy, like spending time in nature, but most are not available in a glass and steel building with artificial ventilation high on the 30th floor in a busy, noisy and dusty city. And involuntarily people need their energy. So what do they do? They steal it from others. Does it make sense now? A low - energy environment makes employees turn against each other, draining their energy even more, making them leave at that point where they can no longer bear it.
So, back to the title of our article… Why are committed employees so much harder to find lately?
Because people have evolved (voluntarily or not, but they have evolved) and most companies not so much. People no longer accept guilt, shame, fear. They no longer understand the point of struggling in a 9 to 5 job (that let’s be honest turns into 9 to 9 a lot of the times) when they can be freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads. Their evolution towards higher level work environments is a fact and can’t be stopped.
The solution is for companies to start to show real care and concern towards employees’ needs. Yes, like small family businesses do. The future is that of small companies where employees feel valued for real. Money is no longer the main motivator. You will find committed employees if they start to feel acceptance, joy, peace and so on in the workplace. Does that come with a price? Maybe. You will need to give them more free time to spend with their loved ones, you will need to stop calling them on vacation, you will need to start redesigning your offices, including more plants, more natural spots, you will need to allow them to rest, will have to come up with different types of benefits, different type of motivators (forced team-buildings where their families are not allowed may no longer be the solution for team unity). You will have to come up with new ideas to redesign your companies on different values. And competition is NOT one of them.
Well, now everything adds up…
And last but not least, who am I to tell you that you need different strategies? Well, I used to be HR Manager and I have experienced the low-level energy that competition, anger, guilt and fear drive both as manager and as employee. And that have made me search for a new way. I am now author of the book and workbooks in the series  “In Search of My Soul: From HR Manager to Off-Grid Farmer”, plus a detailed course for employees to understand the low-level energy environment and find ways to raise their vibration, course that can be found part 1 here and part 2 here.

Thank you for your time,

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